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Guachinches, homemade Canarian culture.

Like other countries  are recognized for their culture and traditions, the Canary Islands do not go unnoticed, despite the fact that in their lands they host different nationalities, either because of their tourist wealth that attracts so many people or because of the immigration they receive.

That its cultural wealth involves each of its inhabitants creating a unique sense of belonging.

The food has always united people, any time is good to meet to eat with family and friends without the need for a special day or an important event, just the simple fact of sharing.

The guachinches are the most representative places of the Canarian gastronomic culture with the stamp made in house. These establishments have their origin in the markets that many farmers and ranchers mounted on certain dates of the year to sell their products, such as Malvasia wine directly to the English buyer and then to the local consumer.

The word “bochinche”, mainly used in Gran Canaria, and its variant “guachinche”, more typical of Tenerife, is used in the Canary dialect of Spanish to refer to a popular establishment where local wine and typical foods are served. According to the historical-etymological dictionary of Canary dialect, by Marcial Morera, it derived from the Latin American Spanish word “bochinche” (derived from “buche” – “sip, gulp”), which means ‘a poor tavern’. 

The other version claims that the word “guachinche” comes from the English expression “I’m watching you!”, apparently used by the British buyers to indicate that they were ready to try the local products and the Canary farmers understood the phrase as “Is there a guachinche?”, that is if there was a party nearby (or a stand or shop) set up to taste the wine before finally making the purchase.

You will love it as the canarian residents love their guachinches, spending time with lovely people in a peculiar place tasting delicious homemade food. So you holidays save time and visit them get involve of the canarian culture and share it. 

In short, a guachinche is a very simple food house where you can taste typical homemade dishes of the island.