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Lunar Landscape of Tenerife

Result of volcanic eruptions and the constant erosion caused by rain, wind and other meteorological agents, are the ingredients for rock formations with some peculiar figures.

Abrupt and arid forms, of varied colors also known as hoodoo or fairy chimney, are located in the Corona Forestal Natural Park, on the border with the Teide National Park and is considered an important area of ​​geomorphological, botanical and fauna interest. 

If you like direct contact with nature and hiking you will like the route that leads to the fascinating lunar landscape

Trails to the lunar landscape

From the town of Vilaflor de Chasna in the municipality of Granadilla de Abona, the trail PR-TF72, official name according to the European trail regulations (ERA). The PR designation refers to a small route between 10 and 50 km that can be traveled in one or two days maximum. The official signage guarantees that it is a safe and well signposted path.

This trail is part of the Camino de Chasna, an old communication route with more than 500 years of history that passes very close to the spectacular lunar landscape.


The Camino Real de Chasna is a historic route that ran from Tenerife to the island, connecting the regions of the North with those of the South and vice versa. Inherited from the ancient Guanche roads, it became one of the royal roads after the conquest of the island and was used until the mid – 20th century.